Vinciane Domergue

Art Cabinetmaking

Creation Workshop
& restoration of Art furniture

My artistic approach …

… takes root in nature, both in form and in materials.

It has been nourished since my childhood by the contact with nature, and enhanced by studying.

I wish, through a functional element that is the furniture, to put forward a singular and authentic artistic process.

The creation reflects the desire to combine functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics through a personalized object, specific to an identity.

It is about life itself.

In my mind, a piece of furniture is not only an object but the reflection of both a singularity and an interaction.

The first approach of a new creation is sculptural.

Thus the way I choose to assembly the different parts of the furniture is either almost invisible, or part of the design (console Griffée).

I use both old and contemporary techniques: straight tail or dovetail, tenon and mortise, wooden peg …

Aesthetics and resistance are the criteria.

Natural wood is my favorite material.

I use solid wood, veneers, and also derivative wood products for their properties: flexibility, resistance, malleability … I do not exclude the alliance with other natural materials such as iron, leather, fabrics, stone, cork …

La Feuille de Bois wants to explore Life. The technique and refinement of wood veneers are the means used to carry on this philosophy.

Restoration workshop

The cabinetmaking workshop is located in Cévennes, near Vigan more than roots, an identity …

My workplace is also a resourceful place through calm, the natural environment, a caring presence. He is a bearer in my poetic projects.

It is a link between the past and the future.

Creation Workshop

La Feuille de bois
is the result of a personal
and professional journey.
“My sensitivity found all its meaning in the art that could be developed through the profession of cabinetmaking.

I revealed myself working with wood material, starting with a sculpture diploma at G. Guynemer High School in Uzès.

I then pursued in this path with marquetry, cabinetmaking and design. Art history was a favorite and I studied it thoroughly.
The desire to create furniture using the ancient cabinetmakers’ beautiful legacy strengthened during my career.

During my years of study at the Ecole Boulle in Paris, I was introduced to new and various visions of design.

I graduated in Diplôme des Métiers d’Art en ébénisterie (Diploma of Crafts in Cabinetmaking) in 2001.”
“Craftsmanship allows the expression of our singularity,
so it is in this spirit that I want to create for you.”